Lars and the Real Girl (Film Review) [29 of 200]


A socially awkward man in a small town finally finds love. Mind you, the love of his life just so happens to be a sex doll. While he has no care who knows about his love, his brother and brother’s wife fear for his safety and wonder what is going on in his head.


Ryan Gosling is great in this, absolutely fantastic. The story is really quirky, but it pretty well done. It isn’t perfect but the cast really makes up for it. There are a lot of funny, sort of awkward scenes, and there are some sad/dramatic scenes intermixed. Emily Mortimer and Paul Schneider are also great, it doesn’t feel like they are trying to act, it’s just natural, which helps make an absurd movie realistic. I honestly think that this might be my favorite Ryan Gosling performance…strange, I know.


It’s a bit slow and a bit boring at points. Do not watch this if you’re interested in sexy Ryan Gosling as this is not him. He’s a bit pudgier in this, which isn’t a bad thing, unless you watch his movies for his sexiness. Quirky, indie movies are typically not from everyone, so if you hate independent movies, you might want to steer clear from this one.


Fun Fact: People on set treated the sex doll as if she was real so it wouldn’t be so awkward for Ryan Gosling.



4 thoughts on “Lars and the Real Girl (Film Review) [29 of 200]

  1. Good review Austin. Gosling owns this movie and really, really has us care for the sex doll so much that we actually believe it as a character. Just goes to show you the guy’s range as an actor, and why it will probably be more sooner than later, we see his name right there next to: “Academy Award Winner”. Hopefully.

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