The Decoy Bride (Film Review) [30 of 200]


Unable to escape constant watch from the paparazzi, a writer and his actress fiance flee to a small island to have the wedding of her dreams. Though, through a course of events, the writer ends up married to another woman and his fiance is nowhere to be found.


David Tennant was awesome, but I expected that. He was funny and cool and I like to imagine he was secretly the Doctor in this. I also liked Kelly Macdonald, she too was funny. The premise is a bit silly, but I found that the two leads, Tennant and Macdonald, made for an entertaining movie. I applaud them on making a good movie on a fairly low-budget.


Like I said, the story was pretty silly. It won’t blow you away, but you might be entertained. The end, and many parts of the movie, are pretty predictable, which is pretty typical for rom-coms. I must say, though, that this was one of the best romantic movies I’ve seen in while. Mostly because I hate romantic comedies.

0035Fun Fact: Many scenes from the screenplay had to be cut because their budget was just too low.



8 thoughts on “The Decoy Bride (Film Review) [30 of 200]

  1. I too liked this rom-com (and I hate them) but I too also am in love with Tennant. If you’re a fan you should see him in Hamlet with Patrick Stewart. Holy crap, is that pretty amazing.

    • I’ve heard that version of Hamlet was amazing. I’m a huge fan of David Tennant and Hamlet. I’ve read Hamlet, seen it on stage, in film and even an audio drama version of it (it was the same cast as the play, and it was nominated for a Grammy!). While Kenneth Branagh was OK, that movie version was a bit silly.

      • Hamlet isn’t my fave Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet is so I’ve seen almost every version of that (and played Juliet as well in theatre) but I do like Hamlet (I want to play Ophelia!!). But yeah, you should definitely watch the Tennant version. He is soooo sexy….

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