Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament (Review)



Undercover agent, Wei Shen, must travel to a mysterious island to take place in a dangerous fighting competition that ends when only one person remains. He must win if he wants to live and get tons and tons of prize money! But mostly so he can live.



The story and execution are really well done and who wouldn’t want a DLC like this? It really relies on hand-to-hand combat, so you better be ready to kick some ass. If you don’t have too many cool moves, I’d recommend that you wait a while, though the combat isn’t too bad. The leader of the tournament looks like you typical movie bad guy which made me chuckle.


This is really, really short. I beat it in less than an hour, which was depressing because it costs around four bucks, I think. I didn’t necessarily feel robbed, but I would have preferred a longer game, especially since it feels like the put a lot of time into building the environment. Had it been longer, this would have been the perfect DLC, though the final boss is a bit too easy.



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