The Giant Mechanical Man (Film Review) [34 of 200]


Plot section contains minor spoilers…

Janice is a woman recently fired from her job at a temp agency and Tim is a man, a mechanical man, who has just got dumped. The two meet at a zoo where they are both hired, Janice as a concessions and Tim as a janitor. The two quickly form a bond, but Janice is constantly forced to go on dates with some sleazy self-help author who has no clue what a real human connection is.


I’ve only seen Jenna Fischer in a few episodes of The Office and I’ve only seen Chris Messina in one episode of The Mindy Project, which I hated. That being said, these two actors had great chemistry and their acting wasn’t bad, either. I felt Messina stole the show, he made me laugh and I felt a real connection to him and his character. The story is interesting, though there is very little conflict in this. Like most indie movies, the plot is pretty thin and relies a lot on the performances, which you already know are pretty good. I should also mention Lucy Punch who I thought did a great job in a small role. Though I did have one tiny problem, but I’ll bring that up in the cons.

Seeing Messina walk around in his Mechanical Man suit was oddly fun and sad. At first glance, it’s a bit funny because its a bluish man on stilts, but then you realize that he’s alone and does this everyday and gets little cash. He’s serious about his “talent/hobby” but everyone else thinks it a joke. There’s just something so utterly depressing about that.



Don’t fret about the Cons section, no movie is perfect!

This movie might bore a lot of people, but as rom-dram-com, I thought it was pretty good. A lot of people may not agree, though. Malin Akerman plays the sister, and until the movie nears its end, her character annoyed me. She was just too fake, it was like I was watching a stock character stand-in for a real human being. Luckily, her role is quite small. Topher Grace was just OK, he wasn’t bad and he wasn’t too great. He was there for comedic relief, so he was meant to be silly, but c’mon, that hair was too much. 😛

Now, while I liked Lucy Punch, I felt that her accent was bad at points. I’m sure that if I tried a British accent, it would sound horrible because I miss pronounce a lot of words. At times, that’s what she did, but with an American accent. It didn’t happen all the time, but it did sort of ruin a pretty emotional scene.

00004Fun Fact: Chris Messina was a bellhop when he was younger.


5 thoughts on “The Giant Mechanical Man (Film Review) [34 of 200]

  1. Okay, I stopped reading your review after a few lines b/c I didn’t want to run into any potential spoilers. I am going to go watch this movie now and write back! Check out my “Mindy Project” article I wrote on my blog if you get a chance. I talk about Chris Messina. I will be back after I watch this film and finish your review and drop a note!

  2. Nice review. I should definitely check out this film. I loved Chris Messina in ‘Devil’ and even in Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’. I think he should definitely try for more films in general; I think he deserves much more screen time in real quality films.

  3. Okay, I just finished watching it, and thought it was pretty good. I thought Topher Grace’s character was hilarious, of course in a silly, over-the-top manner. I can’t imagine why a catch like him was still single! lol. I thought the movie overall was good, not great. Very simple, but good nonetheless. I agree with your review for the most part, but I did want to add that sadly there really are people out there who act just like Jill! 🙂

    • Glad you liked it! Topher Grace is a pretty gorgeous man, I mean that in a non-creepy stalker way. 😛 I didn’t hate his performance, I just didn’t love it. I could have easily added it to the pros section, but I feared the post would look to lop-sided, if that makes sense.

      Yeah, sadly there are people like that and I know way too many :P.I just felt that Akerman acted too much, if felt like she was playing a character, and that didn’t feel natural.

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