Here Comes the Boom (Film Review) [35 of 200]


Tasked with raising money for his school, a disenfranchised teacher becomes a MMA fighter to raise the 40,000 dollars, or something like that.


Kevin James was actually pretty good in this. He wasn’t amazing, but I was expecting his performance to be terrible, which he wasn’t. The story was interesting, though nothing to write home about. I feel like this movie would have been awesome if I had been 12. Also, many might disagree, but Henry Winkler was kinda funny in this. I can’t believe the song played an old early 2000’s song so much in the movie. They weren’t lying when they said Here Comes the Boom.


Salma Hayek sadly was quite unfunny in this movie. While sort of cute, the movie is pretty predictable. I don’t think there is any reason to ever rewatch this movie, unless you have a preteen that likes barf jokes and people getting the crap beaten out of them in a funny way…so I guess this movie has a lot of rewatchability.

0035Fun Fact: Kevin James lost 70-80 lbs. in preparation for this role.




3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Boom (Film Review) [35 of 200]

  1. I gotta give it to James, the guy is no artist of the silver-screen, but at least he’s likable enough to keep you interested. That’s all I got. Good review Austin.

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