Crusader Kings II (Video Game Review)

Crusader_Kings_II_box_artIn Crusader Kings II, you play as any old country during the Medieval times, you can start close to 1100 and the game ends right before the Renaissance. Also, by any country, I mean pretty much Catholic only. You can start the game as a count, a duke or even a King! But you better watch out and have a good spymaster because everyday a son, wife or enemy empire might be planning your early fall. The game doesn’t end when you die, though, it only really ends when you die…and you have no direct heir. Or obviously when you reach the year of the Renaissance.

I like the look of the game, it’s quite simplistic which helps when you find yourself playing for 7 hours straight. It is a big like a history lesson, but then again it isn’t because your basically changing history. In one of my playthroughs, France was wiped out and taken over by The Holy Roman Empire and Norway, also England. In one of my brother’s his Kingdom of Ireland swallowed up England, which would really change history, wouldn’t it? Those kind of scenarios are fun to think about when playing. It’s also nice to think like your character, you have to make decisions that benefit the kingdom, your sons and possibly your enemies if you want to stay in power.

Expanding the Kingdom is also fun, and difficult. Going to war with people can be a nail-biter as they topple your army in mere seconds. Lucky for you, you can hire mercenaries who will give your army that needed push. Battling is also difficult, so I would recommend you watch a video on tips to do it just so you can have a fun experience from the beginning. I didn’t, so the game only got really fun until a week ago.

This game isn’t for everyone. It’s not something you’ll come running to tell your friends about, unless your friends like the board game Risk. It can be difficult and even confusing at time, but in the end I find it to be a fun experience and the reason why I haven’t watch any movies in a week and a half.



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