Bloggers Tag!

This game of blogger’s tag has been spreading throughout the movie blogging community like a pesky case of herpes.

Need I say more? John, from johnlinkmovies, was kind enough to tag me to take part in this epic game.

They're fighting over who tagged who. [Jeff, Who Lives at Home]

They’re fighting over who tagged who. [Jeff, Who Lives at Home]

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.




1. I wrote a 68 page play last year and I’m hoping to edit it and maybe one day see it performed on a stage.

2. I haven’t had a job in 3 years, but I’m a college student who doesn’t spend money that much.

3. The second I get home from being outside more than 10 minutes, I take a shower and change my clothes.

4. I really want to buy a bulldog, but first I need money and then I’d need a place that would allow me to get a dog.

5. I wear flannel everyday, you think it would make me a chick magnet, but that’s not the case.

6. Bishop is not my middle or last name, but most people here know me by it so I moved it to the middle of my name.

7. I’m looking to lose 5 or 20 pounds.

8. I’ll be bummed if the Sacramento Kings leave Sacramento, even though they suck.

9. I had food poisoning the past few days.

10. I get a bunch of weird spam emails, but don’t we all.

11. I can’t grow facial hair, some say it’s because I’m Native American, I just say it’s because my hair is as lazy as I am.


1) What was your very first favorite movie?

–The Mask, starring Jim Carrey.

2) How old were you when you realized that The Princess Bride was the most rewarding movie experience ever constructed?

–8 years of age

3) If you had to watch movies from only one director for the rest of your life, who would it be?

–Christopher Nolan, he’s got long, interesting movies that will keep me occupied, and hopefully he’ll be making a lot more in the future.

4) What is your guilty pleasure TV show?


5) If you were given free reign, what would you use a 3D printer to make?

–My Face

6) Finish this sentence. Happiness is…

–Happiness is when you smile and you don’t wonder how silly your face looks.

7) If you could get in your car and drive anywhere in the world by yourself  for a week without repercussions from work, family, etc., where would you go?

–Portland, Oregon. I’ve always wanted to go there.

8) You know that American football (which shouldn’t even require the word American) is the best sport on Earth, right?

–Yes, yes I do.

9) What is your snack food vice?

–I eat way too much sour candy?

10) Tell me about a band or a musician who speaks to you.

–Kurt Cobain, he seemed like a cool dude and most of his lyrics were about nothing, and others were about some seriously depressing stuff.

11) Who is Kaiser Soze?

–He’s supposed to be Turkish, but some say his father was German…


1. What did you last eat?

2. Which is better, Twitter or Facebook?

3. What’s your favorite movie starring Brad Pitt?

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why?

5. Do you like coffee?

6. Have you ever read a book and thought, “wow, that was a waste of time?”

7. Is spitting in public gross? How gross?

8. What was your least favorite subject in school?

9. What’s your favorite genre in school?

10. Are you currently hungry?

11. Are you excited for Action Movie Week?


Most people have already been tagged, so if you’re interested, feel free to take part.


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