A Good Day to Die Hard (Film Review) [36 of 200]


After finding out his son is a criminal in Russia, John McClane travels to Moscow to see what’s up. What’s up is that there are a lot of explosions in Russia.


After the over-the-top antics of the 4th one, I found this one to be still over the top, but not as much. John isn’t flying cop cars into elevators or talking to nerds. No, he’s shooting bad guys with his son. Overall, the acting was decent by Action movie standard. Bruce Willis wasn’t at his best, but still better than some. Jai Courtney was OK overall, but I think the chemistry with Willis was fantastic. In the end their banter might be the reason this movie got the Die Hard name, because a lot of things are different. The blood seems really digital, and it almost looks like they were originally intending to have it be PG-13 but in the end said ‘fuck it’. I love the use of language in the film, it was something that Live Free desperately needed.

I liked the length of the movie. It’s not too long, which is rare for Die Hard movies as they typically go on too long with too many twists and turns. While that is a staple of Die Hard movies. Now I’m putting this one at the bottom of my pros list because I wasn’t 100% happy with it, meaning the decision to make John McClane more of the sidekick. After seeing him do too many stupid things in Die Hard 4, I’m glad there was fewer in here, but that came at the cost of John doing very little for most of the movie. While the series isn’t John McClane’s Die Hard, it might as well be called that so seeing him not as the main, top dog lead was a bit weird. I don’t know yet what to think about it.



This didn’t feel much like a Die Hard movie, mostly due to the previously mentioned ‘sidekicking’ of John McClane. Also, I think much of the distancing was intentional, I mean they set the movie almost entirely in another country. There were other, little things, that made the movie feel less and less like classic Die Hard. I also felt the only Die Hardish dialogue was the banter between Jai and Bruce. Bruce needed a little more to say, more of his epic one liners. There’s not really one big bad guy in this movie, which is rare for Die Hard.

0003Fun Fact: Aldis Hodge (Leverage) had a small role in this. Making it his second appearance in a Die Hard film.

How did this picture get here...

How did this picture get here… 😛


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