Action Movie Memories [Austin Bishop]

Ah, here we are, with the first action movie memory. What does this mean? Well I’m about to tell you about a memory that I have about an action movie. It’s not necessarily my first memory of watching an action movie, but it is something that stuck with me.

Throughout the week, you will read some other Movie Memories from some of the writers from Classic Movie Week. This just once again proves how amazing last months guests were (though the Action Movie Week participants are just as epic ;)). Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading it and the ones to come.

First Blood is by far one of my favorite action movie. I have no recollection of seeing First Blood Part Two, but I do remember seeing Rambo III, and let me say that the memory is not a fond one. I’ve spent years trying to block those memories out, so all I can remember is being bored out of my mind. The movie felt like it was ten hours long, and I kept asking my dad why he thought the movie was so cool, he’s still hasn’t told me, but I don’t think even he likes it anymore. The weird thing is it turns out it’s only 101 min, and here I thought I was watching a movie 50x’s the length of a good Tarantino movie. The movie had been out for at least ten years when I saw it, so it was “old”, but I love older movies, more now than when I was a kid, but still.

I think another reason that I didn’t like it was that I had not seen the first one at that time, and I probably never would if it was called Rambo 1. Maybe I should give the movie another chance…


23 thoughts on “Action Movie Memories [Austin Bishop]

  1. I wouldn’t watch Rambo II for years! I’d read the book before I’d seen the movie (the first Rambo) and in the book of course he dies! *Sorry if I just did a spoiler thing there.* I was so outraged that they’d changed the ending of such a damned good book, I boycotted it for years! LOL Great post mate!!

  2. I’m in a minority here. I went back and watched all the Rambo movies at the beginning of this year. I love the first one, loathe the second, enjoyed the third, and was pleasantly surprised by the fourth. I will take the third Rambo over the second Rambo every single day, haha.

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