The Rundown (Action Movie Week) [Review from theipc]


TheIPC , or Isaacs Picture Conclusions, is a website dedicated to bringing honest, and funny reviews to all the readers in the world! Or just the people that read TheIPC. If you don’t believe me, read the Taken 2 review and check this one out as well. The reviews don’t look like your normal, cookie-cutter reviews (aka mine) and I think that’s what seriously makes them so great. I’ll shut up now and let you read TheIPC’s review of The Rundown!





I have never been a big fan of pro wrestling – not in the least. I gave it a shot back in the 80s and it never took so, there you go. Anyway, before this came out there was this lady who worked around the corner from me and, even though it should have been an HR nightmare, I had to walk around the corner twenty times a day and see a poster of a half naked THE ROCK standing there in a bikini bottom, with his eyebrow all raised and read something like “CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN’???” I mean – could I put up a picture of a half naked poster of, say, who was hot back then….  how about Heather Graham?? the answer to that is NO – I probably would have been fired and then sued and then thrown in jail for the rest of my life. So – I had a natural aversion to smelling what The Rock was cooking.
Then I get the paper one morning and I’m reading about the new releases that weekend and the guy at the paper said THE RUNDOWN was all sorts of awesome and heralded The Rock as the next big action star, especially considering Schwarzenegger had gone into political office and was even in this movie’s opening scene tell The Rock “Good luck” as an indication that he was passing the torch from action movie star to action movie star. So this guy’s stealing all of our women AND going to be the next big thing in the movies????? AAAAAAAAAAAACCCKKKKKK!
So naturally, I drew a giant Hitler mustache on that poster and then went and organized fifty of my closest friends and coworkers and we marched down the expressway in unison and unity to the old movie theater that’s not there any more and formed a human chain keeping people from entering the theater or even buying tickets until the cops came and pepper sprayed us and we spent a week in prison seeing how many boiled eggs we could eat and doing hard time until we finally broke out of the joint and now we all live our lives on the run, forever vigilant of the law. Of course, none of that really happened (or did it???) but I never saw the movie until a year or two later when it came on TV for free and the woman who would become my wife wanted to watch it because we liked Stiffler. AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD 
– I totally loved it and I’ve seen it dozens of times!! The Rock was all kinds of badass, Stiffler was hilarious, the action and choreography were FANTASTIC, Christopher Walken was Christopher Walken at his Christopher Walken BEST and the director, Peter Berg had followed up his VERY BAD THINGS with another wonderful movie – this guy was a real up and comer and thank goodness for that because, if not for this, we might have never been able to see the wonderful: BATTLESHIP. crickets…. crickets… crickets…
There’s no real plot or play by play to worry about here – it’s an action movie, and a real good one at that. The Rock is a “collector” of – well – people – and heads down to South America (I think) to collect his boss’ missing son (Seann William Scott). Down there he runs in to Walken and his baddies and they do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and then there’s a GIANT, AWESOME showdown to end it up, well, then there’s the closing scene. If you haven’t seen this and are a fan of big action movies, I would totally recommend it. I want to thank Austin for letting me be a part of this and then close by saying I was a big fan of The Rock after this…………
……… and then he started making children’s movies…… : (

39 thoughts on “The Rundown (Action Movie Week) [Review from theipc]

  1. THANKS Austin for that excellent intro and THANK you for letting me play along!! Good fun and I can’t even wait for more to come : )

  2. Nice review. I have to say I am an old-school wrestling fan from the 80s and very early 90s. Other than that I could care less. But the Rock has enough personality and charisma to make some pretty good movies. He’s also made some stinkers. This looks like one I need to see.

  3. Yea, this was the movie I thought would launch The Rock into a great action career. He stalled for a while with the kids’ movies crap, but I think he’s back on track to at least having some really good stuff on his filmography.

  4. Reblogged this on Isaacs Picture Conclusions and commented:
    Hi everyone! If you’re not familiar with where I live – yesterday we were forecast to get the worst blizzard this state (U.S.) has seen in over a century! So we all hunkered down and bunkered up and listened to the weathermen calling the storm “deadly” and “brutal” talking about Thundersnow and Thundersleet and it was really touch and go for a while…

    …. while it rained a little.

    What a joke.

    What’s not a joke is my friend Austin’s blog – THE BISHOP REVIEW – who is currently running a feature called Action Week in which a variety of writers will discuss certain action movies over at his place.

    I was fortunate to get in on the action so – if you felt like seeing my thoughts on The Rundown (starring The Rock) PLEASE read on!!

    THANKS Austin for letting me contribute!!

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