Action Movie Memories [Victor]

Kung-Fu Memories
by Victor

Kung-Fu movies have a special place in my heart.  There was a time when I was a little kid, late 70s early 80s, when they seemed to run every weekend afternoon on the UHS channels.  And I loved watching them.

I loved how the words were never in sync with the mouths, the same sound effect was used every time someone got hit with a Kung-Fu chop, and how no matter how outnumbered the hero was the enemy never used more than three people to attack him at once.  There always seemed to be a fortress dojo that needed to be infiltrated, and the master to be confronted.  At some point it inevitably happened the hero demonstrated his martial arts skill by easily deflecting all the attacks of a less skilled opponent by only using one of his arms, while holding the rest of his body taut with his mouth slightly open making that Kung-Fu sound.

I loved sitting in front of the TV and at some point end up standing trying to mimic the moves of the hero.   I would make the slap sound effect while pretending to hit an opponent, as well as that Kung-Fu sound.

I don’t know how many of them I saw, and which ones they were, and how many times I saw the same ones.  I do know I loved them all.  They are the reason why I watched reruns of the Kung-Fu television series, and enjoyed both Kill Bill movies.  And they are the reason why after not initially liking Hero when it came out, I still bought the DVD and have watched it multiple times.

The funny thing though, I haven’t watched them since I was a little kid.  I probably don’t want to destroy the memories.

You can find Victor at his website, Victor’s Movie Reviews. I recommend you read this to see what amazing movies he will soon be watching.


4 thoughts on “Action Movie Memories [Victor]

  1. Awesome, Vic! I haven’t seen a ton of kung fu movies (maybe literally one or two). That’s great you have such wonderful memories associated with them and your childhood. 🙂

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