Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Action Movie Week)[Review by Issy of The Filmster]

actionnmovieweekThe Filmster is a great, review site. Surprisingly the website is under one year old. That being said, Issy was able to create a fantastic review site, complete with a great layout and periodic features. His ratings system is TN (Top Notch), if you know his ratings system, than you’ll know that means epic. He reviews a lot of newer movies, which is something I wish I could say. I’m glad he was able to take part and I hope you guys love his review of…

Terminator 2: Judgement Day Review

Top-Notch Rating

Will the machines take over the world in the future? In the modern world, where technology gets better everyday, it’s a possibility that by the year 2029 the machines will develop their own minds and take over the human race. Well, if you think about it we are already being taken over since most of us can’t go through a day without using some sort of technology. But hey, it is all science fiction and in 1984, James Cameron directed the instant hit The Terminator which the story involved the future being run by the machines. The Terminator sparked Cameron’s career and took Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career to star power. After the success of The Terminator, 7 years later a sequel to the hit movie was released and Cameron succeeded with the sequel, where very few sequels actually live up to first or even surpass it. Not only did Cameron surpass the original, he took Terminator 2: Judgement Dayto action classic status and it is still recognized as one of the best action films till this day.

Terminator2posterTerminator 2: Judgement Day continues the story from The Terminator, this time The Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent by the future John Connor to protect his younger self. The Terminator must protect John Connor(Edward Furlong) from a more advanced machine model T-1000(Robert Patrick) that is made from liquid metal and possesses the ability to shape shift. Sarah Connor(Linda Hamilton) John’s mother is locked away in a mental institution because of a failed attack on Sky Net(the company responsible for the machines) and no one believing her story of the machines taking over in the future. John must succeed in a rescue escape for his mother before the T-1000 can get to her. After the escape, John, his mother and the terminator must stop Sky Net from the project of advance technology, while being chased down by the T-1000.

James Cameron is one of the best action directors today with films as such as AliensTrue Lies and of course Terminator 2: Judgement Day. T2 is arguably Cameron’s best action work and after 22 years, T2 still stands through the test of time. The film showcases many impressive action sequences that most modern action films today can’t even measure up to, even with all the use of CGI. The better sequences in the film are all the vehicle chases and in where it seems the use of trucks in a Terminator film is tradition, Cameron showcases some jaw dropping stunts with big trucks that you didn’t even think possible. The use of practical effect is where Cameron succeeds in, using real trucks and helicopters makes the experience more realistic and thrilling as you see it unfold on-screen. Every action moment in the film is as memorable as the next one from T-1000’s foot chase to the vehicle chases to the terminator holding the biggest machine gun out of a window and taking out an army of police officers. Cameron does this all with style and grace that very few directors can match.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his role as The Terminator but this time as the hero, and he has not played a much a cooler role as he did in T2. He plays a robot convincingly by his speech and mannerisms and while showing the human nature that his character learns throughout the film. With his delivery of one liners and wielding shotguns, a machine gun, grenade launcher and riding a Harley Davidson makes him one of the most bad ass action movie characters of all-time. Linda Hamilton also returns as Sarah Connor in top physical shape and as rough and tough as ever. Similar to Tarantino, Cameron takes his female leads and makes them larger than life as what he did with Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. He added so much depth to her character and Linda nails every aspect of the character to the tee. Cameron also creates one of the most menacing and chilling villains in film history as in T-1000. How can you stop something that is made out of liquid metal and shape shifts? Those elements of the character makes him that much more scarier and with little dialogue Robert Patrick plays him flawlessly to make T-1000 one of the most memorable villains ever. If there is a negative point to take away from the film it would have to be the young Eward Furlong who showed sub par acting and with his high-pitched voice made him an annoying character as John Connor.

In 22 years, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the best action films ever and in the next 22 years it will still be one of the top action films. A true action classic and one of James Cameron’s best films that every generation will love.


27 thoughts on “Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Action Movie Week)[Review by Issy of The Filmster]

  1. Bravo! This is a pure classic action picture through and through. I remember walking out of the theater after seeing this and I was blown away. The cool thing is it still holds up extremely well. Great pick and great review.

  2. Great pick for Action Week Issy. Top Notch is right. Not surprised this film still holds up to this day, great concept and many iconic scenes here. Robert Patrick as T-1000 is practically iconic!

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