Born in Flames (Novel Review)

Candace Knoebel can be found at her website, if you are a fan of her work be sure to head over and tell her. I’m sure she’d love to know how many great readers are out there checking out her debut novel.

born-in-flames-finalBorn In Flames, from author Candace Knoebel, is a story about a girl soon faces adulthood and has no memories of her time before meeting her foster-mother. She soon finds that she must make a decision, either stay where she is and be happy, or go to her true home and save a dying race from impending doom. Like any hero, a choice has to be made.

The book is a good read. What do I mean, you say? Well I mean that while it piques your interest, you still find yourself able to put it down. If you keep with it, though, you won’t be disappointed. While the grammar and spelling aren’t always top-notch, this book isn’t riddled with grammatical errors that sometimes make a story unreadable.

The story shows a lot of promise, not only for the series, but for the author, Knoebel. First novels are usually the author’s best in terms of creativity but they typically lack finesse and overall readability. I hope Knoebel is able to retain her wonderful creativity, but improve on her writing skills so that her next novel is even better.

As for the cover, I think it’s wonderful. It has a nice use of color and you really know what you’re getting when you pick up the book. No, not half-naked girls, but dragon scales and FIRE! I’ve seen the sequel’s cover, which retains the pretty girl, dragon scales and FIRE! I don’t know why I keep all capping the word FIRE. But don’t question it.

A problem you might run into is the story’s price. On Amazon it is $4.99, which is a bit high for first time authors, but I say it’s worth it. Like always, though, I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the free sample, just to make sure that this is your cup of tea. So with that, it’s time to give my rating…

0035Fun Fact: Candace is truly a wonderful person and runs a really cool blog, I recommend you check it out.


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