Half Nelson (Film Review) [37 of 200]


A teacher battles with drug addiction as he tries to shape society’s young minds. He is soon discovered by a student and the two strike up a friendship that might save the teacher or destroy the kid.


Ryan Gosling is amazing here too. I’m surprised he didn’t win the Oscar for this performance, it’s quite good. The supporting cast was good too, especially Shareeka Epps, but Ryan Gosling was really good. It’s definitely a movie you need to see once, just for the performances and the subject matter of the film.


The story is fine, but the execution could have been better, the story is quite slow-moving. I kept checking the time because it felt like an hour occurred in 30 minutes of film.

0035Fun Fact: The film was shot in 23 days.




11 thoughts on “Half Nelson (Film Review) [37 of 200]

  1. Loved this film man! It really struck a chord with and like you, I thought Gosling should have won the award for this. It’s a beautifully nuanced and subtle performance.

  2. Good review Austin. Great movie and wonderful performance from Gosling, Epps, and Mackie. They don’t make them quite as realistic and honest as this anymore.

    • I agree. people really need to start making movies like this again, honest, painful movies that don’t always have that cookie-cutter ending that works perfectly. It might not be “perfect”, but it’s imperfections are what make it good.

  3. I loved the way this film built tension, and maintained it without violence, and guns, etc. It psyched you out b/c it made it look like there was about to be violence, and possibly even potential murder, but then there wasn’t and it kept the heart of the story on-track. Great writing and directing there! And of course acting by Gosling. 🙂

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