Love (Film Review) [38 of 200]


This film follows an astronaut who loses contact with Earth and becomes stranded. Quite scary, if you think about it.


The music and visuals are really nice, and that is also surprising because the film was made on a pretty tight budget. I was really surprised with how good it looked. It’s short.


This film bored the crap out of me. Other than looking and sounding pretty, this film offer me nothing. I knew this was going to be a love it or hate it film, but I’m surprised that I hated it. I mean, I love sci-fi and I love independent movies, but this failed on both ends. I heard this compared to Moon, but I have to disagree. Moon is an amazing movie, but this is blahhhhh. Despite my distaste for the movie, I do recommend you check it out because many other reviewers, reviewers that I respect and quite like, really seem to enjoy this movie. It wasn’t for me, but it might be for you.

000015Fun Fact: The sets were built in the director’s parents backyard.



14 thoughts on “Love (Film Review) [38 of 200]

  1. I liked this one a lot – but I can totally see how you could be bored out of your mind with it. The visuals really did it for me!

  2. I’ve heard really great things about this so that’s disappointing you found it boring. I dunno though because the idea of space freaks me out (I’m strange, I know) so someone being stranded in space…this might give me nightmares, lol.

  3. I have this but I’ve still to watch it. I went on the recommendation of others but we’ll see whether I agree with them or you. It’s nice to hear a different opinion, though. Most have been praising it.

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