Alex Cross (Film Review) [39 of 200]


Detective Alex Cross, along with his fellow detectives, must solve a case of brutal killings from an ultra-bulk man who is highly trained in the art of killing. This man, this murderer has one target in his sights, but he’s willing to kill anyone and everyone who gets in his way.


This is a high action PG-13 movie and the action is pretty well done, for the most part. Tyler Perry isn’t great as Alex Cross, but he wasn’t as terrible as I expected. There was something weird about his hair, though, it looked like it was spray painted on. Perry’s chemistry with Edward Burns was pretty good, though Burns didn’t give the greatest performance, either. Matthew Fox was really creepy as the villain. He’s got some crazy eyes and there were some scenes that left me wowed by his performance, but at times I was bored by him. I wish he had given a more consistent performance.



I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited about this when I first heard about the film coming out. I’ve read a few of the books and I have enjoyed them. I love listening to the books on tape. I am quite disappointed with the film’s overall execution. A fight scene that occurred in the latter half of the movie left me dizzy from the sloppy camera work and the supporting cast was a disappointment. There isn’t much character development and I could have cared less who lived and died in the movie, which is a big no no when making a film. You want the audience to cry when Character A is brutally murdered, or cheer if A happens to be a bad guy. No feelings existed and that leaves me sad. To sum up the movie in two words, it would be “wasted potential”.

00002Fun Fact: Idris Elba had been originally attached to star.




8 thoughts on “Alex Cross (Film Review) [39 of 200]

  1. Elba would have been a better pick for this movie. That’s not to say Perry’s bad, it’s just not his cup of tea, in terms of acting-wise. Good review Austin.

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