Friends with Kids (Film Review) [45 of 200]

86578_galFriends with Kids is an indie comedy that gained a lot of press because of its stellar cast. The movie follows two best friends, Jason and Julie, who are in their late thirties. Neither have found the right one, and decide to have a child together, raise him together, but ultimately see other people. So the two get down to business while their friends, two married couples with kids, watch on in utter disbelief…not while the child is conceived, but everything after.

The movie is pretty silly conceptually which is why the comedy works well here. While the movie uses comedy in points where it was unneeded, there is still a decent balance of comedy and drama. My least favorite part was the ending, which I won’t spoil. Let’s just say that it ends mixed in a dramatic situation with comedic tones. It was this odd slush that just didn’t work out. Not at all.

87414_galThe acting is pretty good, though there is a fair share of poor performances. I’ll start with the good, though. Adam Scott, Jennifer Westfeldt and Chris O’Dowd were great. To be honest, I only watched this because it had O’Dowd in it, I loved him in The IT Crowd. I haven’t really seen Adam Scott or Jennifer Westfeldt before, well I’ve seen Adam Scott, but not too much. They both surprised me with their chemistry.

Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph were OK, they didn’t have much time to develop, though. Megan Fox was pretty bad, like most of the actors, she wasn’t in much of this. I thought Kristen Wiig gave the weakest performance. All she does is look depressed and cry, which would be fine if it felt believable.

I did enjoy the movie, though, and I actually was a bit bummed when it ended. I would have liked to see what happens next with everyone, but a good movie is the kind that leaves you like that. I can’t recommend this to everyone, maybe adults who are bored. 🙂

0035Fun Fact: Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have been together for many, many years.




12 thoughts on “Friends with Kids (Film Review) [45 of 200]

  1. Nice review 🙂 I wasn’t impressed by this either! I loved Bridesmaides, and hoped that with a similar cast this would be just as good but I didn’t even find it remotely funny! I regret getting the DVD lol

        • Preaching to the choir, my man. I mean, actors are 25% of the reason a movie is good. With a lot of preparation, a movie can be really good on their end. But that didn’t happen here, I mean Jon Hamm did this in between seasons of Mad Men and Kristen Wiig was still involved in SNL.

          The writer tends to get blamed a lot when the movie is bad, but typically their script looks nothing like the final product. Which is depressing.

  2. I definitely enjoyed this one, but I did expect a bit more from the cast. Plus I think a lot of people will be expecting it to be funny, but for the most part it’s a very serious movie

  3. Been awhile since the last time I saw this, but pretty good movie none the less. It was always funny and in a way, insightful enough to the point of where I felt like I knew what this movie was talking about, without me ever living it. Good review man.

  4. Haven’t heard of this but I did read an interesting article not too long ago about how this is becoming a thing (having kids with a friend and seeing other people) so the concept is neat.

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