Matchstick Men (Film Review) [46 of 200]

matchstickmenMatchstick Men follows Roy Waller, played by Nicolas Cage, a con artist who suffers from too many personality disorders to count. Despite his medication, he still suffers, but not as much as he does when he doesn’t take the meds. Anyways, the story involves Roy meeting his 14-year-old daughter and he begins to teach her the ropes of the conning world all while working on a big scam with a big fish.

24615_galNicolas Cage is great in this. His acting is always a little weird, but it really works in this one. While I wouldn’t call this his greatest role, it’s damn near the top. Sam Rockwell, who plays his protégé, is also quite good in this. I swear, Rockwell is one of the most underrated actors around. If you disagree, watch Moon. Alison Lohman was pretty good as the daughter. She was a bit annoying, which was her purpose, I guess.

The story really means nothing in this, they could have screwed in a light bulb and it wouldn’t have mattered. I mostly recommend this to see the great characters and performances. While the story is good, the performances are great. As far as Ridley Scott’s movies, this is one of his better one. Way better than Robin Hood, but not as good as Alien. That’s a good way to put it, right?

The movie failed at the box-office, but has since grown a cult following and high DVD sales. I’d recommend giving this movie a rent.

0035Fun Fact: Roy’s meds were actually Benadryl.




4 thoughts on “Matchstick Men (Film Review) [46 of 200]

  1. You don’t think the story amounts to anything? I love the twist at the end! I think the story is the main reason I love this movie. And Cage’s acting, which I don’t normally enjoy.

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