Well it seems that I am sick. My throat aches and my head hurts. This sucks. I hope to have a review up tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Ugh…

  1. What review will it be do you know? Can you give me a guess or a hint? Or will I have to know myself?
    It’s to bad you’re sick! Don’t try to feel to bad, I bet other people around the U.S. are getting sick because of the spring season and the stupid allergies that carry along with spring!
    I will soon feel and it will it suck! But I will(hoepfully) live through it all, even though, springtime is a terrible time for me to get allergies! It really, really sucks! I can tell you that much!
    My eyes get terrible and really itchy and my nose isn’t AS BIG of a problem as my itchy eyes are, but my nose gets redunantly sniffly!
    Please email me at my preferred email adress:
    Feel Better Soon Dude!
    Your can’t-wait-for-allergy-season-to-come(HaHa!)-Movie-Pal,
    Brian D.

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