Argo (Film Review) [51 of 200]


After American hostages are taken captive in Iran, American CIA operative Tony Mendez, along with some Hollywood big shots, comes up with a plan to help get the 7 Americans who managed to escape captivity.


The movie has a great beginning and a nail-biter finish. While the outcome is public knowledge, it’s still exciting to see this movie. Ben Affleck did an amazing job at directing, he truly deserved a Best Director win, which sadly did not happen. The acting in this is top-notch and I see why this won Best Picture.ย A definite must-see.


The middle is a bit boring, but many will still be interested as the movie does continue to push forward. The movie is not 100% accurate, which might be really sad if you’re Canadian. I should probably explain why, but I’m tired.

00004Fun Fact: John Goodman has appeared in two consecutive Best Picture winners, the other being The Artist.




10 thoughts on “Argo (Film Review) [51 of 200]

  1. Good review man. It’s a good flick, but not a great one. I just wasn’t tense and I didn’t feel like Affleck really showed me anything to shock the hell out of me. It was just good, and I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Good summary. I reviewed this recently as well and came away with the same rating. I thought the comedic relief from Goodman and Arkin carried the middle of the film. Without them there I may have lost interest.

  3. I enjoyed Argo but I wouldn’t have chosen it as my best picture winner. I did think they changed stuff for the sake of it to make it more pro American, which did annoy me slightly but didn’t take away too much from the film. Agree with your rating Austin.

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