Submarine (Film Review) [53 of 200]


A teenage boy named Oliver (Craig Roberts) attempts to lose his virginity before his next birthday. He also discovers a rift in his parent’s marriage and attempts to fix that loveless relationship. All of this in Richard Ayoade’s first big movie behind the camera.


Richard Ayoade was hilarious in The IT Crowd. So I obviously expected him to be hilarious as a director. I was wrong, but in a good way. Ayoade was able to create a funny and sad tale that felt so real. His skill as a director is evident as he made a film that stylistically felt fresh. I’d love to see him direct more movies. The acting in this movie was pretty good. Many of the actors aren’t well-known, but they give great performances in this. Yasmin Paige and Craig Roberts have a very realistic high school romance, which might have to do with the fact that this film is based on a critically acclaimed novel.

The film’s run time is perfect, it’s not too long and not too short. I didn’t feel bored, but I also didn’t feel like the film could have gone on any longer, well at least it didn’t need to. The soundtrack to this film is also great. The music is at times cheerful and at other times it is sad, just like this film.


There isn’t anything glaring that is wrong with the film. The slow scenes are to short to really even mention, but I did anyway. This wasn’t the best film of 2010, but it was one of the most real.



Fun Fact: Ben Stiller makes a cameo in the film, can you spot him?



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