News on Sci-fi Movie Week/other stuff

Hey all, I just want to take a few moments to inform you of some epic news! Today, The Bishop Review surpassed 20,000 views! That’s an amazing number. It may not be 500,000, but it still is HUGE! The weirdest thing, though, is the fact that at this time last year, The Bishop Review, then known as Bishop the Reviewer, had only 950 views. That’s an amazing feat and I’m so thankful for all of you guys. Sci-fi Movie Week so far has left quite the lasting impression, and it has greatly helped raise the number of visitors. So I’d like to thank to contributors.

I also just want to remind you that there will be two more reviews, one posted tomorrow and the other on Sunday. They are two of my seven favorite reviews of this current week…don’t think about that too hard. I can’t wait till they get published so you can read them. 🙂

Also, if you’re reading this soon after posting, LAMB is currently holding votes on the best FYC Poster. We are currently in the Fifth Round, and I’m one of the available posters. I am up against Film Flare, which has one of the coolest posters there, but I still ask that you vote for me. Why? Because I’m already losing by a landslide. Be sure to read the guidelines and then vote. If you don’t vote for me, I won’t hate you…I promise. I honestly didn’t expect to make it past the first part, but to be in the second tier of voting is great. It’s something to tell the future kids, if I ever have any.

Anyways, I can’t wait for the festivities to continue here and I hope you’ve enjoyed Sci-fi Movie Week so far. You guys, and gals, rule!



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