Blow (Film Review) [56 of 200]


This film follows George and his rise and fall from the drug underworld. We follow young George, from his childhood to his time in California and then onward.


The first hour of this film is great. Johnny Depp is amazing throughout the film, but the first hour, with Franka Potente and Ray Liotta. The story is great, it’s always fun to watch a characters rise to fame, or infamy. Most of the supporting cast is great. Along with Potente and Liotta, Paul Ruebens and Ethan Suplee were very good. Yeah, I know, Pee-Wee Herman is actually good in something.


Most of everything after the first hour is a borefest. It being based on a true story, not all the history is interesting, and that’s the case here. Also, Penélope Cruz is terrible in this. Her acting is pretty bad, but the character itself is terrible. Ugh, she annoyed the crap out of me.0025

Fun Fact: Most of Depp’s lines were improvised.

Favorite Scene: The time they spend in California.

Favorite Line: Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it. – George



11 thoughts on “Blow (Film Review) [56 of 200]

  1. It feels a lot like a rip-off of Goodfellas at times, but Depp keeps it going at an easy-going, but swift pace. Not the greatest story ever told on film, but pretty interesting. Good review Austin.

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