Tremors Review: Mmm, Bacon

Tremorsposter (1)I first saw Tremors in 1998, I was about four when I saw my dad and brother watching Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward battle underground creatures. I don’t remember if I watched the whole thing, but I do remember several repeat viewing the next couple of years. To the few that have never seen the cult classic, it stars Bacon and Ward as two average guys who find themselves battling freakish monsters that rise up from the ground to eat their prey.

Bacon and Ward make a great team, with their banter being among one of my favorite things. The other actors are fine, none give Oscar worthy performances, but a silly movie only requires silly performances. The set was great, it’s a middle of nowhere town and it couldn’t have looked any more “middle of nowhere-y”.

The movie is pretty violent for a PG-13 film, with most of the blood coming from the gross creatures. While I was four when I first saw it, I can’t recommend that parents let their kids see this. Unless you know that they are not easily frightened and you don’t mind them hearing the f-word said by Kevin Bacon. If you have a kid that loves scary movies, which is probably rare, then you probably should let them watch this, but be sure to be with them when they do.

I don’t have much else to say. This movie did shape my childhood and I’m pretty sure that it was the first Kevin Bacon movie that I saw. Anyways, here’s the score!


Fun Fact: The set took 2 months to build, reportedly.

Favorite Line:Β Hey – check this out! I found the ass end! – Valentine (Bacon)

Favorite Scene: When they are all standing up on the roof tops.




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