Life of Pi Review [59 of 200]

95705_galLife of Pi was one of the few movies up for an Oscar this past year that I didn’t care for seeing. Sure, it looked pretty, but I didn’t really care. It wasn’t until I saw all the clips during the Oscars that I finally decided that it would be an interesting watch, at the very least. After finally seeing it, I can say that I wish I had seen it sooner.

First off, the visuals were just as great as I had expected. The scenes in the boat are beautiful, with the sky and the water providing beauty in a situation that would be considered far from pretty. The tiger looks cringingly real, with everything from the fur to the eyes looking jaw-droppingly good. While the interviewing scenes are more bland, Ang Lee’s direction make them far from boring.

The acting is superb, with Suraj Sharma giving a top-notch performance, to the point where it is shocking that he didn’t act before this film. Irrfan Khan provides an honest performance that, while limited, adds to the film. It was also nice to see a film with many non-white actors. It’s sometimes easy to forget that there are great actors of all ethnic backgrounds, but this film is a pleasant reminder. While the film is reliant on Sharma’s performance, the supporting cast is great while they are on-screen. Tabu is great as Pi’s mother.

As far as Lee, the director, is concerned, I do believe he deserved to win Best Director at the Academy Awards. The movie was a bit too long and boring in the middle, but the experience is well worth the long run-time.

Overall, this film was worth the watch. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it deserves to be watched at least once.


Fun Fact: M. Night Shyamalan was at one time attached to write and direct.

Favorite Line: With one word, my name went from an elegant French swimming pool to a stinking Indian latrine – I was pissing everywhere. – Adult Pi

Favorite Scene: The whales and jellyfish under the small boat is amazing.


12 thoughts on “Life of Pi Review [59 of 200]

  1. Great review – I’m glad it received the acknowledgement it did, though I would have preferred to win best picture too. I love movies set (mostly) in a single location (though the boat travelled across the ocean), and the visual effects & cinematography made this a visual treat!

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