Nobody Walks Review [62 of 200]

Nobody_Walks_movie_posterGeez, what a terrible movie. Seriously, this is a terrible, terrible movie. I mean that’s honestly all I can say. The film stars John Krasinski and Olivia Thirlby as two filmmakers, with Krasinski helping Thirlby make her artsy film. In what feels like mere minutes, the two are hooked on each other, the only problem is that Krasinski’s character is married with kids. Does that stop him? You can probably guess the right answer.

The film mainly suffers from the fact that none of the characters are likable, even the kids are annoying. Yeah, movies are supposed to be about life, but we still need someone to root for. It’s honestly just a terrible film that wastes 80 minutes of your life, less if your smart.

There is nothing good about it, well unless you want to laugh at a movie’s stupidity. 00001


3 thoughts on “Nobody Walks Review [62 of 200]

  1. It’s not a terrible film, it just lacks any type of fire or tension to keep it going. Everything happens so quick, and so abruptly, that it felt like a waste of characters and performances. Those two elements saved the movie, but something tells me there should have been more here. Good review.

    • I don’t know, I just really was annoyed by it. There were interesting scenes early on, but it really didn’t go anywhere. I wish I could say I hated it because it’s not my type of film, but that’s the problem, this is the type of movie that I love.

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