The Dreaded Blogging Drought!

the blogging droughtHey everyone, your probably wondering what a blogging drought is. Well, that’s simple, I’m pretty sure it’s just a term that I made up five minutes ago.

What does it mean? That’s easy. You know those days when you find yourself not wanting to write anything, so you don’t. Then that day turns into a week, and that week slowly creeps into a month. And then sometimes your lucky and you start blogging again, but at other times those months slowly stack up and you find that your blog has become a wasteland filled only with ghosts. OK, maybe not ghosts.

While saying that every blogger has gone through this is sort of a stretch, it’s safe to say that many bloggers have gone through this. I could name three great blogs that are currently going through a drought. I won’t name them, but I could if I wanted.

There’s typically a reason that ones undergoes a blogging drought, be it poor readership to just being overworked. It’s OK to take some time away, but it might be tough to get your readership back, which won’t be a problem if you didn’t have one to begin with.

Drive2011PosterWhile most of the people reading this didn’t read Bishop the Reviewer about 2 years ago, many might have heard about TBR’s tiny, 11-month drought. Now when I say 11-month’s I mean about 6 months of not even checking the website. Occasionally I would check back, to see if the websiteΒ miraculouslyΒ gained 1 million readers, but it never happened. As time went on, I quit caring. Until watching the film Drive and the rest is history. Well, for the most part it is.

So anyways, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this. Please know that this isn’t some announcement that I’ll be taking a hiatus. No, quite the opposite as I hope to be in blogging overdrive by the end of the month. This is more for people who are currently experiencing a drought of their own. We’re five months into the year, it’s OK to be a little bored with your blog, especially if you just started it this year. The new website smell has just about worn off, but if you keep reinventing your website, everyday will be a great day for reviewing/filling the world in on all the wonderful things that you do.

Also, if you’re a blogger who has experienced a blogging drought, how long did yours last? Do you think it helped you become a better blogger? How? Why am I asking so many damn questions?


27 thoughts on “The Dreaded Blogging Drought!

  1. I hear you man. I’m struggling to get motivated just now. I’m still delivering stuff but not with my usual enthusiasm or pace. Mainly, I’m finding it hard to keep up with others people’s blogs and that just not kosher. Hopefully, I’ll turn a corner soon though. Hope you do too, man. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve had more than one drought!
    In the past I’ve done one post in twelve months, no posts in six months, and it’s currently three months and counting since my last “new” post.
    I do cheat though, by re-posting old entries during my droughts, and who knows, maybe your post might inspire me to write something new!

    • I’ve thought about reposting my old posts, but so far I’ve only been re-blogging other people. That way people know, at the very least, I’m still actively reading, just not writing.

      That would be cool if my post can inspire you. πŸ™‚ You have a great website, really interesting.

  3. My wife just had a baby girl, so that takes up a lot of my time. So, with that being the #1 thing in my life, I’m having to focus a little more in terms of what I want to write and for what site. I’ve had something in mind for my blog for a few days now, but I haven’t sat down and just done it. I contribute to another blog, and I do make sure I have stuff ready for them. I’m also a lazy shit, so that doesn’t help.

  4. I think the longest I have had was about a week and a half. But then I haven’t quite finished my first blogging year and so I’m still fairly new to the whole thing.

  5. Great post — I’ve been struggling with this since the new year; my goal is a new short story per week, but work, family and home chore demands are always at the front of the line! So far, I’ve only published 5 (ugh — first time I’ve consciously considered the rate since the “drought!”). When I’m facing a dry spell, I try to toss in non-fiction posts, which sometimes seem easier to write and publish (shorter, top-of-mind, less concern for quality needed in fiction, etc.).

    If nothing else, the challenge inspired a short story: “On Hiatus:”! And a story about a literal dry spell: “Bone Dry:”

    Good luck breaking your dry spell!


    • That’s a bold goal. Non-fiction is easier to write for the one reason that quality is less important, and by that I mean word choice. There’s another million reasons why it’s easier, which you named for the most part.

      I hope you get back to writing your weekly short stories.:)

  6. I was doing a blog for seven and a half years and it was no longer fun so I stopped and started another one on a subject I was more motivated by at the time. If that ceases to be fun I’ll find something else. I’ve learned it’s not worse doing if you are not enjoying it.

    • 7 years? Damn! I have a lot of fun reviewing movies, but I can imagine a day when it no longer is fun. It’s a bummer right now because I have a review on hold because I might have to use it for my Journalism class. If I end up not using it, you can expect it in all of its epicness.

  7. Great post here. It’s interesting noticing how many blogs now end up on hiatus or take a break at the same time. a cpl of years ago it wasn’t as prominent, but sometimes we all need a break to remember the world around us is real and then find further motivation to continue.

    a great reminder here. Thanks for the post. and best of luck with your finals!

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