Sinister (Re-review)

93026_galA struggling writer of true crime novels moves him and his family into a house where a grisly murder took place years before. He soon discovers a box filled with “home movies” which turn out to be videos of different families being murdered. He then starts to see some of the crazy things in his new house. Things that would make most men run away, far away.

Director Scott Derrickson really delivers at providing that audience with a good, violent and scary film. Derrickson was able to work with a low-budget and provide thrills throughout the film’s near 2 hour run time.

The acting is pretty good, which is difficult to say with most scary movies. Ethan Hawke is a great actor and that carries on here. James Ransone is also pretty good in this, he adds great comic relief but isn’t too silly. It was weird to see good chemistry between the actors, because most scary movies are mostly known for having naked women running in the woods and cardboard characters.

93126_galThe movie is actually scary, there were points when the whole theater screamed. At other times the theater was filled with laughter, which wasn’t always the director’s intention. This is one of those movies where the younger you are, the scarier it is, which is basically most scary films.

I feel like they missed out with the ending, it had potential to be better, but it fell just a bit short. The beginning of the movie was great in that they weren’t really going for cheap scares, but the end was filled with them. There was a few more minor things that I found odd, but I can’t really say them without giving away the story.


Fun Fact? There is no theater where I live so I have to head into the next city over, Sacramento. In the movie, when they say one of the families was killed in Sacramento, CA, everyone pretty much crapped their pants. That was cool.

Fun Fact 2.0: The film was inspired by the screenwriter’s nightmare after watching The Ring.


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