Don Jon Film Review


In Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, the audience is introduced to Jon (Gordon-Levitt), a buff womanizer who picks up chicks and lives by the one-night-stand. His carefree life, filled with maintaining his physique, hooking up and spending time with his family, is thrown for a loop when he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), a hottie with a body (did I just say that?) that makes Jon contemplate playing the long game.

Acting wise, Gordon-Levitt was very strong as he portrayed a sex-crazed douche bag very well and was even able to intermix that and the tenderness he usually portrays on-screen. At the very least, this film shows that Gordon Levitt is versatile, something that has always been questioned as his roles typically feature him as the nice guy. Johansson’s performance was less desirable. It wasn’t bad, but she didn’t shine and that’s always disappointing as Johansson has proven that she isn’t just an attractive woman, but a great actress as well. Julianne Moore, who plays Esther, Jon’s classmate was perfectly cast and well acted. Moore is often overlooked now, but her performances are typically strong and this is no different.

Consider that the film is about porn addiction, there is a surprisingly low amount of nudity, though what is in the film is pretty graphic as it is from porn found on the internet. Obviously this film is intended for a mature audience, and the subject matter basically guarantees nudity, but it is shockingly reserved in that term.


This being Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, it’s pretty strong. The atmosphere is great, the overall acting is good and the writing was solid. Surprisingly, the trailers didn’t spoil the entire movie, at least from what I recall. The movie drags in places and the subject of porn addiction isn’t something everyone can get behind…no pun intended. If you are interested in the movie, I would strongly recommend checking it out, but the movie isn’t a must watch, unless you find the themes the film covers interesting, those being porn addiction and the misconceptions on what relationships are meant to be. Overall, it’s a dramatic comedy that focuses more on the drama.


Fun Fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt considered casting his friend Channing Tatum as Don Jon before taking on the role himself.



9 thoughts on “Don Jon Film Review

  1. Just the other day I was wondering WTF had happened to you and then I got an email about this and then saw your previous post. I’m glad you’re back!! As for Don Jon – probably not for me.

    • Yeah, it was strange, every time I watched a movie, I’d start reviewing it in my head like I normally do, but when I tried to write a review I felt oddly disinterested. Then out of nowhere the urge returned after watching one of my all-time faves Trainspotting. The first few reviews popping up will be a bit odd. I’m not sure why I’ve been watching odd, obscure movies but they’ve been fun.

  2. Great review. I keep intending on checking this out. I heard a couple of interviews that Gordon-Levitt gave around the time the film came out and he seems like a pretty thoughtful dude. Plus I am a fan of him as an actor as well.

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