Taxi Driver Review

Taxi_Driver_posterHaving received the most votes for Your Choice Friday, I was ecstatic to know that I would be watching and reviewing what is considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Taxi Driver follows Robert De Niro as a taxi driver quickly going crazy. Working long hours and little to no social life contribute to his downward spiral as his insanity rises. With this insanity, he becomes volatile and purchases more handguns than reasonable.

De Niro is clearly the standout of this movie as it is still one of his most talked about performances. The believe-ability of his performance is utterly haunting. While De Niro is not the best actor today, this performance trumps most given by actors in this era. While the movie is mainly a solo act by De Niro, the supporting roles filled by Peter Boyle and Jodie Foster are especially strong, as well as Harvey Keitel. The late, great Peter Boyle never really got the proper recognition when he lived, but his skill was always evident and this film is no different. Foster does well as the 12-year-old prostitute and same can be said for Keitel, who plays her pimp. Both roles are very believable and there isn’t anyone else who could have played those roles as well.

The movie isn’t for everyone, with quite a few “boring” scenes and the subject matter, not everyone will love it. The movie, however, tells a complex story that I fell in love with. I’m so glad to have seen it and regret not watching it a lot sooner.



4 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Review

  1. Nice one, man. Totally agree on the rating here. I just recently reviewed it myslef. In all honesty, it was a film that I didn’t rate that highly in the past but I completely changed my mind after a revisit.

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