Rising from the Ashes


It’s been far too long and it feels as if I’ve forgotten how to write, because it’s taken like ten minutes to start this. So I thought I’d give you a recap on all that I have been doing over the last few months.

First, I’ve been working. But not like conventional, paying jobs, I’ve been working on student films/short films for no pay. The best kind of work out there. I’ve that in terms of actually holding a camera and doing all the director of photography responsibilities, I need work. I’m not half bad at sound, but it’s the most under-appreciated job out there on crews and no matter how bad of a day you have, you get the sick urge to go back for even more punishment. In terms of things currently lined up, I might be directing something small, I’m writing a short script for someone and I’m watching movies with a whole new perspective.

So now you might be thinking, with all of this success, why would you ever come back to such a tiny website? Well, that’s a great question that nobody would probably ever ask, for many reasons. But my answer, if someone did ask would be that WordPress auto-charged me for the url in July and I’d hate for that money to go to waste. This website, along with providing entertaining reviews to a small number of people, also is a diary of sorts. I started this when I was 16 or something crazy like that. I was still a kid and over the years I’ve grown. Reading my reviews shows me how much I’ve changed, not only in personal preferences, but in writing style and how I interact with people. I’m not sure when the reviews will come streaming in, but when they do, I hope they are worth reading.


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