Marco Polo (Episode Three Review)


Wow, there is a lot to be said about this episode, it was what I would describe as a hot and cold episode, with the hot portions being steamy. Both literally and figuratively. Now to start, I will say this episode provides a more interesting look at Marco Polo, the central character who was often overlooked in episode two. They found a great balance between Kublai Khan and Marco Polo and provided the viewer with two interesting stories involving both characters. Along with that, they continued to develop other characters with other, more minor, story lines.

I feel like every episode will need me to address this, but yes, this episode does have nudity. While this has the most nudity of the first three episodes, by this time I’ve grown desensitized by the show’s use of nudity. I now understand why it was compared to Game of Thrones. They did introduce a new, interesting character in the episode. She’s a fighter and a good one at that. She’s tied closely to Marco Polo and their interactions added both a sense of comedy and few nail-biting action sequences.

Kublai isn’t shown as much of a warrior in this episode, more sidelined by a bad case of dreaded gout. Despite this, he continues to be the most interesting character in the show. That’s not to say that Marco Polo isn’t great, he is especially great in the first and the third episode. Kublai Khan and Marco Polo’s interaction at the tail-end of the episode might just be one of the most intense scenes in recent memory. The scene was just wonderfully done in every aspect. It might not give the episode a perfect score, but it saves it from any sort of slump that might have befallen an early episode in a period show.



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