22 Jump Street (Quick Review)

Sorry for the quick review, but it took me a while to write a review for this. I still know the score, but I can’t go as in depth as I’d like to.


Great chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. They play off one another so well, it makes every scene they are in such a treat. The jokes made about it being the same thing were spot on and hilarious. The relationship between Hill and Cube’s characters are amazing in this installment, a definite step up from the previous movie. Also, the post credits sequence is a must watch. Despite how you feel about the movie as a whole, the post-credits will make you cry like a baby.


Since it is too much of the same, it might drive some people crazy. At first watch, I thought the movie was perfect, but as time went on I don’t know if I can watch it again and laugh at all the same points. I’ve seen 21 Jump Street 3 times and cried from laughing too damn hard.


A great movie, I’m not sure if it will live as long as 21 Jump Street, but it was a great movie and an amazing sequel nonetheless.



9 thoughts on “22 Jump Street (Quick Review)

  1. I haven’t watched this one mainly because I couldn’t stand the first one. I also thought the trailers for this was dreadful. But I think I’m in the minority. Most people really like this series.

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