Home Alone Re-review

Home_aloneBack in 2012, I reviewed this movie and while I feel the score still stands, I could have done the movie more justice in my review. So if you don’t mind, here is my review of Home Alone, again. 

Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie, it’s set in the Christmas season, has Christmas music and the plot involves the McAlister family going to Paris for Christmas and accidently leaving their child behind. Perfect Christmas summary if you ask me. Now there are a lot of Christmas movies, just check your TV channels and you’re bound to find one you’ve never heard of before. A good Christmas movie is unique, a trend setter. Home Alone is such the trend setter.

It stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, a bratty little kid forgotten by his family. This is easily his most well known role because he acted with such conviction that Culkin practically became Kevin in the eyes of millions. Catherine O’Hara and John Heard play Kevin’s parents and are perfect in the role. O’Hara’s performance as a mother desperate to get back to her child is both funny and heart-warming. Heard is less important in the overall landscape of the movie, but be provides a solid role that is necessary in a film like this. The brilliant Joe Pesci and the wonderful Daniel Stern play the two robbers who try to infiltrate Kevin’s home while his parents are away. Their performances are the reason why Home Alone is a classic. They are funny but a tad bit sadistic, which makes you root even more for Kevin to succeed in protecting his house.

The music is tremendous, but that is just natural when it’s done by the one, the only John Williams. The music makes the movie that much better, especially in movies where Williams conducts the music. Every little thing about the movie is lovable, the performances, the shots Columbus used, the gags, I mean everything is perfect about the movie. While I can think of a few other Christmas films that are perfect, this is in my top 3 Christmas films for sure.



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