Thoughtful Thursday #2

Thoughtful ThursdayThe biggest surprise for me, that I’ve found in my couple of years of writing reviews is which ones take off. Posts you think will be hits are often times duds and the reviews you write just to clarify one issue or just a silly post can become huge. My biggest post of all time, while not completely surprising, is still shocking considering all the other posts that I have written. That review is…drum roll please…Django Unchained Re-review.

90373_galYeah, not the original review that came out the day the movie was released, but the re-review that was posted only 4 months after the original. It was a much longer review and did contain spoilers for the film, possibly making it a more interesting read, but I’m still shocked by its placement as the most viewed page other than the home page. For a while my most viewed review was Lincoln, which made sense since it had Oscar buzz months before the movie came out. The Django Unchained re-review is quite possibly the best of my reviews, it has a lot of images and goes pretty in-depth, but I will admit that there are other reviews and articles that I had imagined would have been huge hits. I’m not sour that they didn’t get hundreds of views, but it’s always funny when your expectations are too high for any certain thing. The re-review wasn’t at all done in trying to get more views, it was because I rewatched the film and realized I was an idiot for not giving it a perfect 5.

Readers who have followed this site for a while might remember that I’m a huge fan of fun facts and that my current reviews have lacked them, so I’ll give you guys a fun fact right here and now. The day that this article is posted is the two year anniversary of my first Django Unchained review, which I did not realize when I started this Thoughtful Thursday. On a side note, I should probably mention why I no longer have a fun fact readily available with each and every review. It’s not out of laziness, but I did find that my fun facts were rarely fun. If I know something about a production that is truly fun, I will include it, but if enough people want the fun facts back completely, I would gladly oblige.

Anyways, if you’re reading this on the 25th, Merry Christmas!


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