Marco Polo (Episode Nine Review)

MarcoPoloThis review contains spoilers for Episode Nine and possibly previous episodes of Marco Polo. This Review will also be very short.

With Marco Polo facing certain death for his inaccurate report, the viewer is left wondering how he’ll get out, not if he’ll die or not. Will he fight his way out? Will Kublai take pity on the man he’s become friends with? Neither of these options seem likely, but the show makes it compelling to the viewer to wait and find out. Chancellor Jia also has a meaty episode involving him taking the child emperor under his wing.

The performances in this episode were extremely compelling. Richelmy conveys the proper emotions of a man soon to be put to death, while Benedict Wong’s portrayal as Kublai Khan is just as riveting as in previous episodes. The show really has gotten better with nearly each episodes, though there were some early missteps.


Sorry for the short review, I’m still sick, but I’m still trying to have the season review out for Marco Polo in early January.


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