Catching Fire (Book Review)

This is by far my oldest review, it was started on May 27, 2012, about three years ago! The reason why I’m posting this is because I think it’s fun to look and see what my opinions were at this time. 

Catching_fireFor those who haven’t already checked it out, you can read my review of the Hunger Games here. Anyways, now for those who are eagerly awaiting my opinions on the sequel to the book the caught everyone’s attention.

The sequel, in my opinion, is just as good, or even better than the first. It involves Katniss dealing with her feelings for both Gale and Peeta as well as another epic fight. The dialogue feels iffy, with it reading like it was made for teen, which surprise! it was.

No matter how silly it is, I can’t help but like this book. I read it in a day while on vacation and that means either A. It was really good or B. It was a boring vacation. To be honest, both are partially true.

Once again, sorry for the short review, but I hope you enjoyed reading it. Some of you guys were readers back when this was going to be posted, so congrats on that.


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