Tomb Raider (2013 Video Game Review)

TombRaider2013To all those curious, Tomb Raider is the origin story of the famous heroine Lara Croft. Instead the sort of one-dimensional, large chested woman, we meet a young, vulnerable girl who finds herself fighting for her life. This game is the evolution of the killer that we all know. First, I would like to mention how they really turned Lara into a perfect mix between sexy and brave. It’s really epic.

The story is also amazing. As the gamer, we fight wolves, hunt deer and defend ourselves against heartless men who want nothing more than to kill you and your friends. Armed with a bow, it’s your job to protect the ones you care about. The other characters are pretty good in this, they really offer support and make you want to save them. Sometimes supporting characters give you no reason to want to save them, but that really isn’t the case here.

The graphics are refreshing. They’re not the best in the world, but they are still very good. The character models and the environment are strong, but not perfect for a 2013 video game. There is a bit of clipping, but nothing that takes away from the game. As far as length is concerned, the game took about three days to beat, but I played a lot in those three days. It will probably take an even longer time if you want to 100% it. If I have time, I might 100% the game, but that depend on how bored I get and how many games/movies/books I need to play/watch/read. That’s a lot of options. Anyways, I’m rambling.

Overall, the game is great and might stand as one of the best games of the year.



Dishonored (Video Game Review)

Dishonored-box-art-1-Want to read a review of the video game Dishonored? Then check out my review over at The Artifice. I’m hoping to have a review out here tomorrow, it might be of the film, Young Adult. It might not, though, I won’t say. 😉


Ah Hell, it probably is. 😛


Crusader Kings II (Video Game Review)

Crusader_Kings_II_box_artIn Crusader Kings II, you play as any old country during the Medieval times, you can start close to 1100 and the game ends right before the Renaissance. Also, by any country, I mean pretty much Catholic only. You can start the game as a count, a duke or even a King! But you better watch out and have a good spymaster because everyday a son, wife or enemy empire might be planning your early fall. The game doesn’t end when you die, though, it only really ends when you die…and you have no direct heir. Or obviously when you reach the year of the Renaissance.

I like the look of the game, it’s quite simplistic which helps when you find yourself playing for 7 hours straight. It is a big like a history lesson, but then again it isn’t because your basically changing history. In one of my playthroughs, France was wiped out and taken over by The Holy Roman Empire and Norway, also England. In one of my brother’s his Kingdom of Ireland swallowed up England, which would really change history, wouldn’t it? Those kind of scenarios are fun to think about when playing. It’s also nice to think like your character, you have to make decisions that benefit the kingdom, your sons and possibly your enemies if you want to stay in power. Continue reading

Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament (Review)



Undercover agent, Wei Shen, must travel to a mysterious island to take place in a dangerous fighting competition that ends when only one person remains. He must win if he wants to live and get tons and tons of prize money! But mostly so he can live.



The story and execution are really well done and who wouldn’t want a DLC like this? It really relies on hand-to-hand combat, so you better be ready to kick some ass. If you don’t have too many cool moves, I’d recommend that you wait a while, though the combat isn’t too bad. The leader of the tournament looks like you typical movie bad guy which made me chuckle.


This is really, really short. I beat it in less than an hour, which was depressing because it costs around four bucks, I think. I didn’t necessarily feel robbed, but I would have preferred a longer game, especially since it feels like the put a lot of time into building the environment. Had it been longer, this would have been the perfect DLC, though the final boss is a bit too easy.


Sleeping Dogs (Video Game Review)

Sleeping_Dogs_-_Square_Enix_video_game_coverSleeping Dogs, once known as True Crime: Hong Kong, is a 2012 video game from United Front Games. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who must bring down the Triad. He builds relationships with both cops and criminals to the point where you, the player, become conflicted on how you want the game to end. As well as a main quest, there are also side missions, cop quests and mini-games. Some of the mini games include cock fights and karaoke bars.

The games fighting system is very similar to Arkham Asylum, the Batman game. You press Y (Xbox) to counter and X (Xbox) to hit people. It sounds simple, but it gets tougher with more and more enemies. As the game progresses, you learn more moves which helps you overcome different enemies. I don’t feel like the fighting brings anything new to the gaming world, but it doesn’t detract from the game and isn’t too complicated to pick up.

There is no ability to customize the biological nature of your character (sex, weight, features) but you can pick through dozens of different clothes. The styles of clothes are very diverse, there are “common” clothes, like T-Shirts and pants, and then they have suits and such. There are also some pretty fun costumes that you unlock, most of which make great pop culture references. The vehicles in the game are pretty cool too. You can buy all sorts of cool, fast cars but they will surely punch Wei Shen where it counts, his wallet. You can also drive motorcycles, which is what I preferred, only because I enjoyed flying through awesome jumps and weaving in and out of traffic. The driving mechanics are pretty good, though it does take some time getting used to driving on the left side of the road.

All the different side quests are pretty interesting, some being tougher to complete than others. The mini-games are also fun, though the cock fights are tough and mostly based on luck, same can be said for gambling. I like the street races, but the motorcycle races drove me crazy. The fight clubs were a bit tough, so it’s pretty rewarding when you win. As far as the main story is concerned, it was probably one of the best stories in video game history, or at least this current generation. The beginning and middle are amazing, to the point where you can’t wait to pick up the controller and play some more. The ending could have been better, but I still enjoyed it.

There were some minor glitches throughout the game, but you can easily look past those because the game is just that entertaining. Most of the glitches have to do with a funky camera that looks up or starts moving for no reason. I also found that the fact that I’ve been done with the main story for a while, yet I still just enjoy driving around the city, occasionally doing side quests. I’m the kind of gamer that never does that.


+ An amazing open-world game with a compelling story

+ Great side quests that keep you playing long after the story is over.

+ Good fighting mechanics

– Minor glitches that sometimes stop the flow of gaming.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Video Game Review)


The year is 2025 and war has not changed, though there are some pretty cool new gadgets. You play as David Mason, with a few missions as Alex Mason (BlOps Main Character). As David, you try to stop a terrorist leader whose anger towards America started back when Alex was still fighting.


The gameplay is great, though it’s basically just the last few Call of Duty games updated. The voice acting is also superb, with some real stars providing their voice, Sam Worthington, Michael Rooker and Michael Keaton to name a few. Probably the best thing, though, is the story. It was something that really hooked me in and didn’t let go until the credits had ceased.


Doesn’t meet all that it hyped up and promised. The online is basically the same, with some decent maps but nothing really epic.


Didn’t realize just how much we needed you…Halo 4 (Video Game Review)


Master Chief is back, and this time he not only battles elites and grunts, but an ancient evil now stands between him and saving the world. Also, Cortana is way past her expiration date and it is starting to show as she begins to get out of control.


The story is superb. It is interesting and fresh and you can tell 343 Industries really loves this series. The gameplay is great as usual, though I’m not going to lie, I was used to Call of Duty when I started playing. The online play is pretty good too, there’s a lot of people playing and some interesting game types.


While the story is great, it isn’t meant for newer players of the game series. Most won’t understand what is going on. The story might be too short for some.