Self-Published reviews

If you’ve self-published or are just trying to help get you’re name out in the open, do know that I will read your story. Please note that I would prefer to receive a (free) review copy of the book because I can’t afford to buy a hundred different books that I might hate. If you fear this might hinder your sales, realize that my review can bring more readers to you, in turn making you more money. However, if you are unable to do so, email me at .I’ll be sure to get back to you fairly fast.

I understand how difficult it can be for a new author to get noticed, so know that I’m your friend and willing to help in any way possible. Last but not least, do know that I will not hold back because you’re a first time author. You deserve the truth, even if it may hurt. Thanks for reading this and I hope to read your work very soon.

So far I have reviewed three self-published novels and hope to do more in the future. If you want your work reviewed, post a comment or send an email. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to check out your work. 🙂


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