Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Childhood Movies

Hey everyone, today marks the start up of college once again. I’ve sort of been falling behind in preparation for classes, but I will not fall behind on Top 5 Tuesdays. So here is the list of my favorite movies from when I was a child, note that these are not necessarily child friendly movies.

5. Batman Forever

I’ve always loved superhero movies, and while Batman Forever still holds a special spot in my heart, it’s not a good movie. It’s great compared to Batman & Robin, but still no where near the Keaton Batman. I personally like that Batman more than Forever, but this is me trying to think in my childhood mindset. I loved the zany Riddler and the more comedic Two-face, but they didn’t age too well.

4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Easily one of the best Jim Carrey performances. He’s funny, quotable and did I say funny? This isn’t one of my favorites anymore, but I still love it more than most modern comedy films. The sequel doesn’t hold a candle, but Ace Ventura is definitely a must see film for comedy lovers. Laces Out!

3. The Matrix

It’s hard to believe that I quite young when this movie came out. It was a revolutionary film that blew my small mind as a child. I pretty much watched it once a week on VHS when I was a child. It was probably the best movie from my childhood, but oddly it wasn’t my favorite.

2. Mystery Men

Mystery_Men_film_posterI loved superhero films growing up (I still do, but who doesn’t). Mystery Men is sort of a superhero film, but it is crazy and hilarious. Ben Stiller, Paul Ruebens and William H. Macy made my younger self laugh like a never before. I watched the movie pretty much every day and could quote the movie like an expert. It had flashy effects for the time, flashier than what I had seen at least. It had everything my little brain could ever want.

1. The Mask

Jim Carrey, man, he gets me every time. I loved this movie just a slight bit more than Mystery Men and I literally watched this movie daily as a kid. Now looking back, there were a lot of jokes that went straight over my head, but that just makes rewatching it now even more fun. Who would have thought my favorite childhood movie had condom jokes.


Thoughtful Thursday #2

Thoughtful ThursdayThe biggest surprise for me, that I’ve found in my couple of years of writing reviews is which ones take off. Posts you think will be hits are often times duds and the reviews you write just to clarify one issue or just a silly post can become huge. My biggest post of all time, while not completely surprising, is still shocking considering all the other posts that I have written. That review is…drum roll please…Django Unchained Re-review.

90373_galYeah, not the original review that came out the day the movie was released, but the re-review that was posted only 4 months after the original. It was a much longer review and did contain spoilers for the film, possibly making it a more interesting read, but I’m still shocked by its placement as the most viewed page other than the home page. For a while my most viewed review was Lincoln, which made sense since it had Oscar buzz months before the movie came out. The Django Unchained re-review is quite possibly the best of my reviews, it has a lot of images and goes pretty in-depth, but I will admit that there are other reviews and articles that I had imagined would have been huge hits. I’m not sour that they didn’t get hundreds of views, but it’s always funny when your expectations are too high for any certain thing. The re-review wasn’t at all done in trying to get more views, it was because I rewatched the film and realized I was an idiot for not giving it a perfect 5.

Readers who have followed this site for a while might remember that I’m a huge fan of fun facts and that my current reviews have lacked them, so I’ll give you guys a fun fact right here and now. The day that this article is posted is the two year anniversary of my first Django Unchained review, which I did not realize when I started this Thoughtful Thursday. On a side note, I should probably mention why I no longer have a fun fact readily available with each and every review. It’s not out of laziness, but I did find that my fun facts were rarely fun. If I know something about a production that is truly fun, I will include it, but if enough people want the fun facts back completely, I would gladly oblige.

Anyways, if you’re reading this on the 25th, Merry Christmas!

Marco Polo (Episode One Review)

MarcoPoloFrom the beautiful opening shot it becomes plainly obvious that this isn’t like the other Netflix original series. The shots are wide, the set pieces grand. The Mongol costumes are extravagant and before the opening credits appear, you’ll likely be hooked.

The locations are just breath-taking, the grandiose rooms and beautiful nature shots are enough to amaze even the most casual of watchers. The cinematography easily capitalizes on this and takes full advantage of what nature, and man-made structures, provided them. The camera movement at times can be overly shaky, but many of the shots, especially the panning shots, are typically smooth like butter. Mmm, butter. The special effects are surprisingly great, but then again, it’s well known that this is a big budget TV show and they used their money well. Even the wide shots that are more computer generated than real look beautiful, which just goes to show how much effort was put in the visuals.

The tale of how Marco Polo came to end up where the Television series starts is far more interesting than one would have previously guessed. It involves a lot of travel, obviously, but the previously mentioned shots help as well as the performances given by the many different actors. One such performance is from the show’s lead, Lorenzo Richelmy. While an unknown in every sense of the word, he quickly proves his worth with a noteworthy performance. Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan is amazing. He transformed for the role, looking nothing like his more recent previous films and acts with such an effortless intensity that you can’t help but fear his power.

The biggest issue is that the only time you really hear a female character speak is in between moans as she is engaged in sexual activities. It would have been nice to have more female characters introduced, in a different fashion than that. But with this only being one episode in, there are enough opportunity for that to change. There is a lot of sex and nudity, take that as you will.

This review is a bit short, mostly because it’s only based on the first episode. Don’t expect a review for every episode, unless the series stays at this sort of level and requires a per episode review. The first episode is well done, one of the best I’ve seen since the House of Cards first episode. If the series can improve on itself, or even just stay on par, it will be one of the best shows in recent memory. I personally can’t wait to watch the other episodes.


Your Choice Friday (Week 3)


This week has movies that Netflix has on my Top Picks list. I honestly haven’t heard much about any of these movies and I’m going to keep it that way until I have to sit down and watch whatever you guys pick. This week, like the last two weeks is sure to be fun for all.

InAPPropriate Comedy Review

This review contains strong language.

Why did this movie win? Why did I have to watch it? I don’t know, but it was fucking torture. Because it’s so painful to write about it, this review will be very short and not so sweet. The acting was terrible. Having already seen The Amazing Racist on YouTube, what was arguably the most funny part of the movie was spoiled for me. While it’s not hilarious, this part of the movie is the most laugh worthy. Flirty Harry was decent, but like everything else in the movie, it needed better writing for it to be more than sub par. Pretty much all the skits felt like they were written prior to 2007. Blackass? Seriously a Jackass joke is the dumbest thing to have in a recent movie. Fuck, this was terrible. If I have to give this a score, it’s a .5 out of 5. So bad, avoid at all costs.

Your Choice Friday (Week 2)

This week is movies that I have no intention on ever watching. Last week was classics and good/decent movies that I planned on someday seeing, but this week I don’t think I will watch any of these movies without your vote. Take This Waltz, while sounding interesting, seems like it would be a snoozefest, which is what has deterred me for the longest time. Greenberg is similar, I’ve heard it’s boring and I am not a fan of boring. Tonight You’re Mine sounds interesting enough, but I have not read any reviews and Netflix is sure I won’t be a fan. inAppropriate Comedy is self-explanatory, it’s a terrible movie that you would only vote for if you had a deep-seeded hatred for me. 😀 No matter what your opinion is on marijuana, I think everyone can agree that Reefer Madness is completely off on its display of marijuana’s effects, for that reason I never hope to watch it, unless you vote for it here.

Taxi Driver Review

Taxi_Driver_posterHaving received the most votes for Your Choice Friday, I was ecstatic to know that I would be watching and reviewing what is considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Taxi Driver follows Robert De Niro as a taxi driver quickly going crazy. Working long hours and little to no social life contribute to his downward spiral as his insanity rises. With this insanity, he becomes volatile and purchases more handguns than reasonable.

De Niro is clearly the standout of this movie as it is still one of his most talked about performances. The believe-ability of his performance is utterly haunting. While De Niro is not the best actor today, this performance trumps most given by actors in this era. While the movie is mainly a solo act by De Niro, the supporting roles filled by Peter Boyle and Jodie Foster are especially strong, as well as Harvey Keitel. The late, great Peter Boyle never really got the proper recognition when he lived, but his skill was always evident and this film is no different. Foster does well as the 12-year-old prostitute and same can be said for Keitel, who plays her pimp. Both roles are very believable and there isn’t anyone else who could have played those roles as well.

The movie isn’t for everyone, with quite a few “boring” scenes and the subject matter, not everyone will love it. The movie, however, tells a complex story that I fell in love with. I’m so glad to have seen it and regret not watching it a lot sooner.