Frank (Film Review)

Frank_movie_posterFrank, starring Michael Fassbender, is one of those movies from last year that I wanted to see immediately after hearing about it. Sadly, I had to wait until Netflix came along and put it on their streaming website, which is one of the many reasons I love Netflix. Now, as I started to watch the movie, I realized that other than knowing the film was about an eccentric musician who always wears a fake head, I knew nothing about the film. Despite not knowing anything, the film had built incredibly high expectations in my eyes and it was going to be tough to top them. So did it?

Now, first things first, the film follows Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), an aspiring musician who can’t seem to write any music. He gets an opportunity to fill in for a band’s keyboardist after the previous guy goes crazy and soon finds himself in the middle of no where trying to record the band’s album with them. Fassbender plays Frank, the dude in the fake head and Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Clara, who is more or less the antagonist of the film’s main character Jon. Many troubles arise, changing how Jon sees the world and the people around him, that’s me trying my hardest not to spoil anything.

The movie is incredibly fun at times and incredibly depressing at others. It’s a great mix and ends in a fairly unpredictable way, not super crazy, but good nonetheless. I loved the performances, especially by Gleeson and Fassbender. Gyllenhaal was also very good and helped to add another dynamic to the film. I felt like in the beginning that her role could have been cast by any actress, but towards the end it made sense why she was cast. There were other actors in smaller roles and they too did a great job.

Some people might not like how the film’s main character uses twitter and YouTube, but I didn’t seem to mind it. It added to the realism since pretty much everyone I know uses twitter and/or YouTube. It didn’t feel excessive in my opinion and also stayed true to how people really act when they’re on social media.  The film has minor nudity, with a man’s buttocks seen briefly and if you look hard enough you might be able to see a breast through murky water. The main reason the film is rated R is that there are quite a few F-bombs.

I honestly can’t find anything to hate about this film, it was great on all fronts and lived up greatly to my expectations. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I might have been one of my favorite films of 2014.


Prometheus (Film Review)


After a momentous discovery, a crew of researchers, scientists and a robot fly to a mysterious planet where they make a discovery that could end the world as they know it.


The story was great, and it was interesting to see the Alien world expanded upon. The special effects were also superb, and the aliens were a treat to see.

The cast was perfect, I’d like to point out a few stand outs though. Michael Fassbender did an amazing job as David, the android who despite not being human, give off moments of human emotions in the purest of forms. Noomi Rapace also did a commendable job as the lead. I honestly can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than her. I’d also like to mention Idris Elba who plays the ship’s captain.


I wasn’t too much a fan of the end, but I don’t want to spoil that. I also felt like two characters, the co-pilots, could have been expanded on and improved.

Fun Fact: Noomi Rapace had not yet been born when the first Alien was released.



Bishop’s Top 5 (Actors)

OK, here is where I will name the top five actors of the past couple of years. Later, I will do a similar post, but with actresses. I could give you one big, long paragraph explaining stuff, but I’m not in the mood. So here we go.

5. Michael Fassbender has had an amazing couple of years. I first saw him in 300 and from there he has moved on to bigger and better things. His performance as Magneto was probably the best part of X-Men: First Class. I also hear that he’s had amazing performances in Prometheus and Shame, though I haven’t seen either.

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt has been steadily building his career with each passing year. He was in Beethoven and Angels in the Outfield at a young age, which I didn’t realize. And now he is starring in movies like Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Looper. I feel that right now, his career will only grow. Unlike some other young actors whose past potential has wavered.

3. Jeremy Renner, nearly winning an Academy Award may get you on on this list. But almost winning an Academy Award twice in a so far short career would at least put you at number 5. But that’s not Jeremy Renner…well it is, but he has done so much more. From the looks of it, he will have a successful career as Hawkeye and might blow people away in The Bourne Legacy. Not to mention how great he was in Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Honestly, this was an easy choice.

2. Brad Pitt is one of the greatest actors of all-time, in my opinion. From his legendary roles from the 90’s to his newer movies, Pitt has proved to be a talented actor in any genre of film. My favorite role that he has played has been in the film, Snatch. He plays a bare-knuckles champion who doesn’t listen to anyone. His speech is difficult to understand and the reactions of the other characters is hilarious. I feel that his smaller roles are usually his best. Though, his starring roles are nothing to be ashamed of, like his recent movies, Moneyball and The Tree of Life. He has had one long career.

1. Robert Downey Jr. has had, quite possibly, the greatest comeback ever. His career was dead a few years ago, and then with movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he was able to work his way up. It was Iron Man that finally took his career to the next level, and since then, it hasn’t sunk. He’s been Sherlock Holmes and arguably the only Tony Stark imaginable. 2012 seems to be his biggest year yet, with the Avengers grossing almost $600 million domestically. I hope his career continues to be a bright spot in Hollywood and that he has many more successful years.

Well that seems to be all I have to say for right now. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope to have an actress list in the near future.