Sinister (Re-review)

93026_galA struggling writer of true crime novels moves him and his family into a house where a grisly murder took place years before. He soon discovers a box filled with “home movies” which turn out to be videos of different families being murdered. He then starts to see some of the crazy things in his new house. Things that would make most men run away, far away.

Director Scott Derrickson really delivers at providing that audience with a good, violent and scary film. Derrickson was able to work with a low-budget and provide thrills throughout the film’s near 2 hour run time. Continue reading


Sci-fi Movie Week Poll Results

Hey everyone, so this movie week you were asked to pick the best Indie Sci-fi Movie and the best Sci-fi Horror movie (based on the options). I’m happy to say that I have the results and they may or may not shock you.

Indie Movie Percent
Moon (2009) 92%
Love (2011) 0%
Monsters (2010) 8%
Horror Movie Percent
Alien 63%
The Mist (2007) 6%
The Thing (1982) 31%
 Anyways, I hope you guys are excited for tomorrow. The last review is yet another great one and I hope you guys love it as much as I. I can’t believe Sci-fi Movie Week is coming to an end tomorrow.