Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Songs at the Moment

I thought I’d mix things up this week by telling you guys what songs I seemingly can’t stop listening to. Also, I decided to try out publishing Top 5 Tuesday at a later hour.

5. Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

I love the tone of this song. The lyrics and performance come off careless yet caring, whatever the hell that means. It was probably my favorite song a few months ago, but some older favorites and new songs came along and knocked it off it’s top spot.

4. Take Me to Church – Hozier

This song is quite good and the sound is just filled with emotion, and maybe some mumbling, but I love mumbling. This isn’t a review, but I’d say it is near perfect. I typically only listen to this song when it’s on the radio and since I only occasionally listen to the radio, it hasn’t been enough to be overplayed for me.

3. Left Hand Free – Alt-J

I got the CD for Christmas and found this to be the best song on the album. If you’re wondering why I still use CD’s, it’s because I have a car stereo that only has a CD player and a radio, so yeah… Anyways, the song is upbeat and just great. I think Breezeblocks might still be my favorite song from them, but I turn this one up anytime it plays.

2. Aneurysm – Nirvana

Nirvana is my favorite band and this is my favorite song from them. Back when I used to play drums, Nirvana and Dave Grohl were the music gods that I worshiped, It’s such a heavy song and probably has my favorite Cobain vocals. Can’t help but love it.

1. Gooey – Glass Animals

This song is amazing. The lyrics make little sense, but the sound is wondrous and I can’t get enough of this song. I don’t recommend watching the music video as it is one of the strangest I’ve seen, but if you’re brave, watch it. The beat and tone of this song is just so good. I guess I listen to hipster radio or something because most people I know haven’t heard of this song and a few of my other favorites. I feel like this song should be heard by more people.

Top 5 Tuesday: My Favorite Movies of 2014

Now I will preface this by saying that I really sucked this year when it came to going to the movies. I think I only saw 4 or 5 movies at the theater and waited for the rest to come in the mail from Netflix. This was a really lazy year for me, so don’t expect Birdman or Boyhood, which I’m sure will find a place on my list once I watch them.

5. 22 Jump Street

22_Jump_Street_PosterThis was easily the funniest movie I’ve seen this year. The Tatum/Hill combo is very deadly, they have some of the best chemistry in recent memory. The film is pretty much one big joke and it pays of very well. It might not be as good as the first, but to strike gold twice in a comedy franchise is very rare, just look at The Hangover movies. You can read more about my thoughts on this movie here.

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The first Captain America was the weakest of the Avengers movies, but it’s safe to say this was the strongest. It felt less like a superhero movie and more like a political thriller, which made the movie feel new in an era where Superhero movies feel very much the same. This was the point where Chris Evans proved he was the perfect casting for Captain America and it made people excited for the third installment, Civil War. I can’t wait to see Captain America and Iron Man go head to head.

3. Edge of Tomorrow

What a surprise! This might have been the second movie I saw in theaters this year and it made me so happy that I had. It was funny, had a lot of action and great performances by Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is the kind of actor where if you love him or hate him, mostly hate him, you have to admit that he has a lot of great movies and great performances, like Mission Impossible 4, Tropic Thunder and now Edge of Tomorrow.

X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_poster2. X-Men Days of Future’s Past

I’m pretty sure this was the first movie that I saw in theaters. If you haven’t seen it yet, rectify that. It’s easily the best in the franchise and doesn’t rely as much on Wolverine as some of the previous movies. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still prominent, unlike in First Class, but McAvoy and Fassbender’s rivalry also takes center-stage. When those two actors are on screen, only good things come from it.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

This was not only my favorite movie of the year (at the moment) but it was also the biggest surprise. Everything about this movie was amazing. The writing, the directing, the acting, the music and everything in between was a perfect medley of…perfection. It outdid the Avengers in bringing heroes together and introducing me and a lot of other people to Starlord, Gamora and you can’t forget Groot. Man, this was a good movie. I can’t wait to watch it again…and again…and again.

Top 5 Tuesday: Current TV Shows

5. Grimm

Grimm has been one of my favorite shows since it was released. It’s a week to week cop drama with supernatural ties and these past couple years have had great, long branching stories that hooked me. The acting may not be perfect, but it’s the one Friday night show that I do not want to miss.

4. About a Boy

This show came out of nowhere and became a swift favorite of mine. It’s sweet and shows that a father(ish) figure doesn’t have to be a child’s father and can be a positive force in his developmental life. Easily my favorite sitcom, especially with the cancellation of Raising Hope. It doesn’t caught up in the sentiment, which makes it that much better, and more effective when they do cover emotional subjects.

3. The Flash

A lot lighter than the show it spun off of, The Flash is a welcome addition to the group of Superhero shows currently on TV. It has a great cast, fantastic characters and so much friggen potential. With the second strongest mid-season finale of the season, The Flash is heading into their hiatus with a full head of steam.

2. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I grew up watching Whose Line, and since’s its triumphant return it has been just as good. With the base cast still intact, Ryan and Colin are still able to be the funniest guys around, and obviously Wayne Brady is a comedy genius. I was fearful that the lack of Drew Carey was going to be a negative, but Aisha Tyler is more than capable of hosting and being all-around funny. The celebrity guests aren’t needed, but if it keeps Whose Line? around, than I’m fine with it.

1. Arrow

Is this a surprise? Back when I was a frequent writer of at the Artifice, I wrote an article about how it’s the best superhero TV show ever, that was before the big points in season two. If you want to read that article, feel free to check it out. The show has great characters, strong bonds and amazing action scenes. It’s the perfect show to prove that Superheroes can succeed on television.