The Movie Weeks


Planning for Classic Movie Week began around November 2012, when the idea of a week celebrating a genre or style of film first entered my head. In the beginning, it was going to be 7 days with me reviewing 7 classic films. Around December was when I decided it would be more fun to ask 6 other writers to assist. On January 5, I began to send out emails to the writers I hoped would join. Among those were the bloggers who took part and one other blogger who ended up being unable due to lots and lots of work. Classic Movie Week took place in January and ended with about 750 views from over 300 visitors. I was pleased with those numbers, especially since I hadn’t done much advertising of the Movie Week.

Plans for Action Movie Week began almost immediately. It was finally announced on February 20, with it premiering on February 25. Garnering close to 1,000 views, Action Movie Week was a huge success, which meant one would think that the next one would happen almost immediately. That wasn’t the case as the stress of organizing the week felt to be a bit too much. With a date of April 8, the next Movie Week was picked by the readers. Sci-fi Movie Week ended April 14.

The Movie Weeks

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[List soon to be added]


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