Grimm (Mid-season review)

Grimm titleI know Grimm’s mid-season occurred about two episodes ago, but I want to take the time to look back at all the aired episodes and judge if the series has gotten worse, stayed the same or gotten even better. For those who haven’t heard about the series, it’s about a detective named Nick Burkhardt who discovers that he is a Grimm. A decedent of the same Grimm’s who wrote all those creepy fairy tales that are still famous today. Now it’s up to him to fight the monsters his relatives wrote about while still serving as a detective in Portland.

The Cast

The cast remains great.David Giuntoli has really eased into his role well and plays the role of a protagonist that you can really root for. The character may not be perfect, but the casting of the role sure was. His partner, Hank, is sort of a flat character. I think the casting was great, but the writing should try to reveal more about him. Only one episode has really revealed any of his history. Then there’s Monroe, the reformed big bad wolf. I must say, he is most definitely the best character in the series. He adds comedy and the occasional grotesque action and does both really well. The casting for the role was probably the best choice they could have made. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you can’t help but like Monroe.

If I had to mention one role I didn’t like, it would be Burkhardt’s girlfriend. The two have great chemistry, but she suffers the same as Hank. Not much about her past has been revealed either. In each episode she sort of smiles and says a couple things, but that’s it. I would love to see more of this character if the writers are willing to take the time and make her interesting in some way. She did save Nick’s life in one episode, which was great and I’d like to see more of that, though not the exact same thing over and over again. She should have her own problems everyone couple episodes, maybe make it the C plot. If the writer’s have something planned for her than I would love to see it, but if not, then the character probably shouldn’t be in the show. Which would be depressing.


The filming location for this show is amazing. Oregon is a mostly beautiful State and Portland is proof of that. I find it refreshing to see a show that isn’t filmed in the typical locations (LA and the areas surrounding and New York). The actors are surrounded by tall mossy trees, green grass in a mostly overcast area. I can’t think of a better area to have a show with creepy monsters.


The show has progressed really well, characters are better and plots are really creative. Though, they often pay respect to classic Grimm tales. I hope you can agree when I say that this show has gotten even better throughout the months. I give this a 9 out of 10. This has become my favorite new show and possibly my favorite one of TV.


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