Drive (Review)

In 2011 a movie titled Drive was released. The first time I saw the trailer I expected some crappy, low-budget movie set to lackluster music. I didn’t pay attention to its release and only took notice when friends of mine had gone and returned to the theater with their jaws on the floor. They spoke about the action, music and cinematography. I listened and listened for months and last week I finally rented it. Here’s what I thought…


I would not call this film an action flick, even though there are several scenes of intense action. My reasoning behind this is that the action is intertwined perfectly with the romance. Also, there really isn’t action (or dialogue for that matter) for the first forty minutes.


It is very uncommon for me to credit a movie’s music. Usually its just sort of there and the viewers don’t pay much attention to it. The movie, the main character in particular, is told from the music. His romantic relationship with Carey Mulligan is shown in one scene where music is playing and you can just tell that they are happy. The songs are really good and fit perfectly with the film.


The movie is good, really good. The acting is spot on by most of the actors, though I felt Ryan Gosling was too stiff at some points. The action was great, though not as brutal as it could have been, which isn’t a bad thing really. The lighting was amazing and you just feel that everyone behind the film and story really let their creative juices flow when it came to putting this movie on the big screen. I would definitely recommend this and I give this a 8.5 out of 10.


5 thoughts on “Drive (Review)

  1. Nice review. To the point and not too critical or negative. The soundtrack is perfect. Drive is an incredible movie and was my best movie of 2011 along with many people. It was a great film to watch and one of the first I wanted to review when I launched my blog.

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